Natural Beauty Products!

With the ever increasing demand for natural beauty products following the current trend with bloggers and those ‘clean-living’ millennials; it’s time for us all to start thinking about our bodies and how we look after it 😀. Organic and natural products make up almost a third of beauty shelves on the high-street and such like and according to research this has increased by more than 32% in the past year.

Of course, natural beauty products are more expensive than your average day-to-day brands; however I am a firm believer in looking after our bodies and making sure I only use the most natural of products with no added nasties which many brands include. Countless hours researching new brands and skincare and I soon discovered that much of what we use is full of nasty synthetic chemicals that are carcinogenic and just not good for us. Researching companies with great ethos/standards led me onto brands such as Skin & Tonic, Sister & Co and haircare brand Aveda… Firstly I have to say WOW they smell amazing and the packaging is just gorgeous and very appealing to the eye).  Each product being full of essential oils, herbs and botanicals; knowing you are applying goodness to our skin on a day-to-day basis can only makes us feel good about ourselves.


Based in London this beautiful company is one for which I am very impressed with. All products are made from organically certified ingredients using only a maximum of 7 ingredients per product. They firmly believe in doing things simply, honestly and ethically. Having researched further I found the organic ingredients they use are highly therapeutic when retained in their natural, unadultered state. I decided upon purchasing three trial size of their products to test them and see how beneficial they are in my daily routine.

  1. Mini Rose Mist – amazing mist making you feeling fresh and floral. Spritz onto face to hydrate and tone. This beautifully fragrant mist is made from pure organic flower water, extracted from Roses grown and distilled high in the French Alps. Delicately blended with Aloe and Glycerin, it soothes, cools and hydrates tired skin. Simply spray onto your face to set make up. Spray around yourself to calm and cool your mood in those flustered moments of stress
  2. Mini Calm Balm – This multifunctional balm uses Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Calendula oils to aid your skin and your mood in moments of stress. Gentle and nourishing and suitable for dry skin. Simply massage onto your wrists and temples, breathe in deeply and rest assured the fragrance alone will calm your mood. Also suitable to apply onto muscles after exercise and just perfect before bedtime to help lull yourself off to sleep
  3. Rose Lip Balm – for those who know me well will know I adore the smell of roses so this seeemd the perfect product for me. Not too sticky and not too dry, this lip balm is perfect as it uses nothing but yummy, simple and organic ingredients. Packaged in an oval container – perfect for popping in my handbag.


Again based in London this was another new find of mine and I am so pleased I came across them. Sister & Co offer a unique collection of truly natural skin and body care products made with the finest skin superfoods from around the world and most importantly with no preservatives, chemicals or nasty toxins.  The company itself blend products in small batches even twelve weeks and take them straight to market which guarantees that every product is at peak efficacy – what more could you wish for!

  1. Raw Coconut Lip Tonic with Rose – A deeply nourishing balm for lips which combines the hydrating properties of coconut oil, cold-pressed virgin avocado and almond oils, raw shea butter and organic beeswax. Finished with delicate and soothing Bulgarian rose and sweet cardamom. Utter bliss and happy smooth lips.
  2. Raw Organic Coconut Oil – I must admit to being a bit of a coconut oil virgin and I was so surprised to read the benefits of coconut oil, so with this and my love of coconut – well what’s not to like about this product.  This the ultimate multi-purpose skincare product which is produced at a small organic farm in Sri Lanka and has a uniquely smooth consistency and delicate aroma. Extracted by cold-pressing the white kernel of the flesh of fresh, mature coconuts, the oil maintains all its amazing skincare properties – packed full of natural vitamin E and lauric acid (also found in breast milk), it is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and deeply hydrating – a source of real skin nutrition.  This beautiful pot of magic can be used as your daily cleanser, make-up remover, moisturiser, night skin and eye treatment. You can also use our oil as a hand cream, hair treatment and bath oil….the list is endless.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. I would love to hear your thoughts or recommendations.

Lots of love

xxx Rachel xxx


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